Manager -Rube Foster
27–29 in the trial season

Additions – Garnett Blair (sp), Jonas Gaines (rp), Larry Doby (of)
Team Strengths – Speed, Hit for Average,
Team Weakness – Pitching, Defense


OUTFIELD – Charles Blackwell, Jud Wilson, Larry Doby, Jimmy Lyons, Bullet Joe Rogan. While the outfield can cover some ground, they do make their fair share of errors. Doby should be a calming influence in the outfield. Rogan and Wilson both hit for high average while the outfield as a whole can take the extra base with regularity.

INFIELD – Superman Pennington, Sammy Hughes, Newt Allen, John Beckwith, Dewey Creacy, Newt Joseph, Bullet Joe Rogan. The Red Sox infield has a little bit of everything and will throw it away occasionally. Spot starts and defensive substitutions will help this team win more games.

CATCHERS – Louis Santop and TJ Young. Both catchers are about the same offensively and defensively. Both hit from the left side of the plate and have decent arms. Santop can give you the occasional spot start at first base.

STARTING PITCHERS – Satchel Paige (R 2L) anchors this staff and gives his team a real chance to win every time he goes out. Leroy Matlock (L 1L) & Rube Foster (R 5R) both struggled at times during the trial season (1.81 and 1.71 WHIP). Newcomer Garnett Blair (R 2R) fills out the rotation.

BULLPEN – Eggie Hensley (R 8R), Rube Davis (R 2R), Jonas Gaines (L 1L), Bullet Joe Rogan (R 4R). Rogan really struggled (2.06 WHIP) as did Hensley. Davis went 5-2 with three saves. Hopefully Gaines can be a steadying influence out of the pen for the Red Sox.

Memphis really struggled with pitching in the trial season. Their offense has the ability to carry them with speed and power, but the pitching staff has to pull their weight for them to compete all season.