Manager -Buck Leonard
30-26 in the trial season

Additions – Jose Junco (rp), Porter Charleston (rp), Roy Campanella (c)
Team Strengths – Speed, Power, Starting Pitching
Team Weakness – 5-10 vs lefties, weak bench


OUTFIELD – Rap Dixon, Pete Hill, Mule Suttles, Chaney White, Jelly Gardner, Sam Bankhead. One of the best starting outfields in the league. Hill provides plenty of speed on the bases. Suttles led the trial season in rbi’s. Great defense(minus Suttles) including two plus arms in Hill and Dixon. 

INFIELD – Buck Leonard, Sam Bankhead, Bill Monroe, Alec Radcliff, Dick Seay. A lot of interchangable parts in the infield in regards to second, short and third. Slightly above average defense with Leonard providing most of the power at the plate.

CATCHERS – Roy Campanella, Bill Perkins and Double Duty Radcliff. Great defensive depth at the position. They might not hit for much of an average, but should provide occasional pop and keep the base stealers honest.

STARTING PITCHERS – Slim Jones (L 1R), Ray Brown (R 3R), Andy Cooper (L 1R) and Chet Brewer (R 2R). Jones led the trial season in strikeouts and was second in wins. Chet Brewer went 8-4 with a 4.72 ERA. Cooper joins the starting rotation giving Pittsburgh a nice righty-lefty combination.

BULLPEN – Rube Currie (R 5R), Porter Charleston (R 1R), Jose Junco (L 1L), Double Duty Radcliff (R 3R). Currie and Radcliff both did well out of the pen in the trial season. Junco and Charleston’s splits should add to the bullpens depth.

It will be interesting to see how the addition of Campanella helps this team. Offensively, catcher was one of the weakest parts of this ball club. The Crawfords could be the most consistent team in the league if their bullpen performs well. If they get a five game lead, they might be hard to catch.