Mule Suttles

Midwest Six – Pittsburgh Crawfords
Left Field, First Base

Birmingham Barons 1923-25
St. Louis Stars 1926-31
Detroit Wolves 1932
Cole’s American Giants 1933-35
Newark Eagles 1936-40, 42-44
Indianapolis ABC’s 1939
New York Black Yankees 1941-42

Mule in the Midwest Six

What Mule lacks defensively he more than makes up for with his power and clutch hitting ability. Comfortably entrenched in the clean up spot between Buck Leonard and Roy Campanella, Mule will have plenty of opportunities to knock in base runners and should be near the top of the league in doubles, triples, home runs, rbi’s, gidp and total bases.

Mule, not known for his defensive prowess, will struggle to get to a lot of balls in left field and will not throw out many baserunners. Look for him to be replaced late in close ballgames with a better defender.

Legitimate Silver Slugger and MVP candidate.

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